The Ethics Club of each country will prepare its own oath in harmony.


This organization will be recognized as Ethics Club Bangladesh.

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Ethics Club Bangladesh’s Work Plan

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Recognizing 25th January as Ethics Day worldwide

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Greetings from Scholars Bangladesh. Scholars Bangladesh, organizer of the "First Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB/PBO) Conference-2007" and "First NRB Manpower Development & Opportunities Conference-2009" is working towards creating a bridge between NRB experts and policymakers to identify the existing opportunities and take necessary actions to formulate and implement effective policies for the development of Bangladesh.

Scholars Bangladesh recognizes the importance of ethical practices for the sustainable socio economic development. Hence with the objective of creating awareness about ethics and morality, Scholars Bangladesh has already arranged an essay writing competition on "Declining Rate of Moral and Ethical Values" among different age groups. People of three age categories have participated in this essay writing competition. We are working on a publication with the best essays along with the essays from the distinguished judges, which will provide a guideline for the general people of Bangladesh to maintain a minimum level of ethics in their life.

Scholars Bangladesh has also taken initiative to establish a nationwide Ethics Club Bangladesh for future generations to practice ethics in their professional area as well as in their social life with the objectives to build strong ethical values for sustainability of the nation. This will be a platform for the students, professionals and other entities to discuss, analyze, redefine ethical standards & practices in their social and professional life.

In this perspective, to enrich the students morally and ethically, Scholars Bangladesh seeks your kind cooperation and permission to establish Ethics Club Bangladesh at your institute.

Your permission and continuous support will be highly appreciated.


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