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A teacher is the center of education system, which is prevalent in Bangladesh from Gurugriha – Tol Chatushpath to Vidyayatnik modern education system. The teacher’s wisdom and mind awaken the student’s wisdom. His/her personal initiative and behavior fulfill the student’s thirst for knowledge and motivates strongly. The role model teacher can stir up the student’s life and take him to the desired destination. He guides of the destination-oriented educational journey, the shaper of deep living, and the great craftsman of real human formation. The teacher, who is principled, disciplined, rich in wisdom, and close to life can be called an ideal teacher, whose closeness of affection and intellectual touch will reshape the student’s outlook on life.

Nomination Rules

  • Online application can be done in the specified form and can be downloaded and filled in the PDF form and sent by post office or any other courier. 
  • Besides, the form can be downloaded and sent by post or e-mail by writing the specific information of the form in a photo or word file format to - info@ethicsclub.com 
  • By Post: Ideal Teacher Selection 2022, Vision 2021 Tower 1, Level 8, Software Technology Park, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

Nomination Eligibility

  • Nominated teachers can be currently working or retired.
  • In case of Primary and Secondary educational institutions, the teachers and staff will nominate the ideal teacher through the prescribed form.
  • In case of College and University label educational institutions, the students will nominate the ideal teacher through the prescribed form.
  • A Nominee must be at least 18 years of age.