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    Primary / Secondary level evaluation form for selection of ideal teachers

    Information of the nominator

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    Relationship with the nominated Ideal Teacher: *FriendTeacherGuardian

    Nominated Ideal Teacher's Information

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    Category: *Primary Level TeacherSecondary Level Teacher

    Put tick mark in the box:

    1. The quality of teaching in the classroom: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    2. Classroom Behavior: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    3. Behavior with guardians: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    4. Behavior with other people: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    5. Interest in research & education: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    6. Workplace attendance: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    7. Discipline & Judgment: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    8. Honesty, Integrity & Ethical value: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    9. Personality- Dedication, Conviction & commitment: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    10. Timeliness: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    11. Helping attitude & dependability: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    12. Willingness about work & capability of decision taking: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    13. Execution capabilities & leadership: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    14. Sincerity towards Duty: *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    15. Capability of expression (writing): *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    16. Capability of expression (verbal): *SatisfactoryNot satisfactory

    17. Patriotism: *YesNo

    18. Scientific & progressive mentality: *YesNo

    19. Humanity: *YesNo

    20. Social accountability: *YesNo

    21. Contribution in social & cultural sectors: *YesNo