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Virtue theory is a branch of moral philosophy that emphasizes character as the key element of ethical thinking. No matter how much philosophers want to dissect ethics, it always comes down to the moral fiber of a person when it’s time to stand up against such a misuse of power, to stand up for someone who is being bullied by another. Both examples are equal as far as the greatness of that person. However, the human race considers ethics to come in many forms: ethics in business; doctors, nurses, teachers etc. with a code of ethics and the ethics of their family, partner in life, children and friends. Also an individual knowing the right and wrong and choosing to either remain quiet or to stand up for what they believe in even if they stand alone. In many cases such individuals are highly revered while other people may see them as weak minded or foolish simply because it’s easier to ‘go along with the crowd whether it’s right or wrong’ or stand up for all the right reasons (moral ethics of human behavior). President Lincoln believed that all men should be free and thus, he freed the slaves. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed with all his heart that humans, no matter what race or cultural background could get along as one…. brother or sister. Both died, but they are not forgotten as they have left valuable lessons for us to ponder. It makes moral ethics for many soldiers to fight a war and they are just as valuable in history. Then there are younger people, to just the everyday person who stands up for something he or she believes in and tries to make a difference whether they win or fail. It doesn’t matter if this emphasizes character rather than rules of consequences. We need ethics to help keep the world balanced whether one makes a difference in succeeding or not.

People of the independent Bangladesh dreamed of going forward leaving behind the painful memories of blood and death in the liberation war. Their aim was to develop Bangladesh where honest and competent people will get right places and positions for work. Thus a society free of poverty and rich in humanity will be born. Discrimination will be foregone under good rule. But their expectations have not been fulfilled. Now the society has been riddled with widespread corruption. The nation is far away from its expected destiny. The potential young generation has been victim of values devoid of humanity. Drug addiction, profiteering in unfair means, unlimited greed, blind self-interest, moral degradation in the name of cultural practices, unpatriotic behavior and going abroad to amassing money for oneself to the ignorance of duty to one’s own country has become widespread nowadays. Lack of sympathy towards others has become very common. Why are we at the edge of such a collapse? The reason is — we have not stood firmly for morality and ethics. We have not devoted ourselves to good thoughts and good deeds. We have not served the causes of the welfare of humanity.

There must be an effort for change from it.

We think that the prevailing textbook-based rote learning cannot help to build honest, patriotic and principled persons. This education system can only produce job-seeking people carrying certificates and so has failed to carry the nation forward.

On the other hand, some corrupt leaders are wasting away the resources of the nation. Under the influence of some corrupt officials in the administration, institutionalization of corruption has grown into socialization of it. Hopeless youths are rushing along wrong paths. Individuals have been victims of alienation leading to the banishment of social and collective attitude. In this situation, a unified effort of honest, patriotic, principled and conscientious people is needed so that the degeneration in national life can be stopped. It requires a long-term and wide-ranged social movement, which will present the nation with an honest, loyal, patriotic, principled, liberal and scientific-minded generation.

We declare that we haven’t lost hope. We want to live well. We are ready to fight to protect humanity that has become sick with lack of values. We like to be inspired with morality, principles, values, humanity and patriotism. We want to build a generation who will uphold moral values and will contribute to build a better Bangladesh. We want to build a generation who are liberal, aware, honest, patriotic and humane. This is a very difficult task. We have formed Ethics Club Bangladesh in order to accomplish this long, arduous and difficult task.

Ethics Club Bangladesh will take initiatives to uphold democratic values in our social behavior and make an effort to build the nation with liberal attitude, high principles, positive values and non-fundamentalist behavior in harmony with the national culture of Bangladesh.



M E Chowdhury Shameem                                                                                                                 Dilara A Khan Rupa
Founder & President                                                                                                                               CEO
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