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Ethics Club Bangladesh's Workplan 2011
SL No. Activities Description Period
1. Observe 1st January as "Ethics Day" Observe 1st January of every year as 'Ethics Day'. Every member, from that day will try at best to their abilities to refrain from lying, dishonest thoughts and activities. Students will be urged to uphold ethics, honesty and service to humanity in their personal and social life.


2. Award Giving Ceremony Organize Best Students, Noble Teachers Award, Essay Competition on Morality and Ethics and Debate Competitions.


3. Cultural activities & Exhibitions 

Organize activities such as movie shows, recitation, drawing competitions, drama, photography exhibitions, etc on Patriotism and Humanity.

& March

4. Book collection campaign, establishing Libraries/Reading Rooms and free book distribution

Central and district committees shall collect books from book fairs and other programs. Branches of the organization shall collect old books from their own areas. Clubs shall establish libraries/reading rooms for club members which will be open for public use and shall organize free books distribution on 21st February (International Mother Language Day), 26th March (Independence Day) and 16th December (Victory Day) among poor and talented students.

February, March & December

5. Inspire students in patriotism

Inspire the students in patriotism by:

  1. Ensuring proper rising of the National Flag of Bangladesh in academic institutions.
  2. Observing, in appropriate manner, the National Days like 21st February (International Mother Language Day), 26th March (Independence Day) and 16th December (Victory Day) etc.
  3. Arrange workshops to ensure apposite performance of the National Anthem in all academic institutions.

March & December

6. Ensure higher education and career guidance and arrange Capacity Development Programs Activities for ensuring higher education and active future of the club members. Organize programs for Career Counseling, CV writing and Interview techniques. There shall be technical training programs for capacity development for employment or income generation. April to July
7. Build citizen with humanitarian values and arrange "Service Week"; promote personalities with strong moral and ethical values To build Citizen with Humanitarian Values through arranging ‘Service Week’ in every institution including activities like: Norms & Ethics, Honesty, Service to Humanity etc.; present nationally honored personalities and their life work and contribution in every academic institution. Round the year
8. Arrange health awareness workshops The center and branches shall organize health awareness workshops in order to help build a healthy generation. April to June
9. Raise awareness for respect towards women Arrange meetings, rallies and other campaigns to raise people’s awareness for respect towards women and against evils like eve teasing. June
10. Leadership Development Workshop Arrange Leadership Development Workshop to build honest and competent leadership for the nation. July & August
11. Work as Community Partner Work as community partner for promoting the best practice of morality and ethical values nationwide and organize training programs. Organize discussion, training programs by building up partnership with different organizations. Round the year
12. Opinion survey on morality, conduct research  and publish research articles Organize opinion survey on morality and ethical values, perform research works and publish research articles. Round the year
13. Observe Anti-contaminated Food Day

Observe 'Anti-contaminated Food Day' to build public opinion against food contamination.


14. Publication of Newsletter and quarterly Ethics Journal Regular publication of Newsletter and quarterly Ethics Journal by the branches, district committees and central committee of Ethics Club Bangladesh. January, April, July & October
15. Awareness about safe traffic rules Make people aware of safe traffic rules and giving support to the concerned departments.



Round-table, appeal and supporting initiative

Claim and aggregate public opinion to include subjects with theoretical and practical implication in the syllabus relating to Ethics and Human Value in every academic level. Support any initiative to promote ethics and morality through curriculum.


17. Central Conference Organize Central Conference in every two year of the branches, district committees and central committee of Ethics Club Bangladesh. December
18. Relief Programs

Relief programs after any natural disasters.

During disasters
19. Protest any unethical practice/ activity Protest any unethical practice/activity according to capacity. Round the year
20. Literacy Campaign It is mandatory for every member of any Ethics Club to make literate at least one illiterate domestic worker employed in his/her house or the nearest person to him/her. If there is any worker of primary school-age in the house, the member shall try to enroll the worker in a primary school. Members of Ethics Clubs shall appeal to any capable person in the country to do the same. Round the year
21. Protecting Environment The members of Ethics Club will take initiatives regarding cleanliness of the environment, protecting nature and creating awareness about ensuring safe healthy environment. Round the year
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